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Climate in Ooty


Climate in Ooty

The weather in Ooty is one of the attracting features that draw the visitors to this exotic location. The Ooty climate is pleasant all round the year with cold winters in which the temperature drops to 4 degree Celsius. However, summers are special seasons in Ooty and the people from nearby tropical locations and distant lands visit Ooty in summer season. It is during that time various festivals are conducted here.


Ooty Seasons







March to May

15 deg C to 20 deg C

Pleasant weather


June to Sep

10 deg C to 19 deg C

Heavy rainfall


Feb and March

6 deg C to 20 deg C

Salubrious climate


Oct and Nov

10 deg C to 18 deg C

Moderate rainfall



Best Time To Visit Ooty – March to June, September and October




Ooty Climate in Summer Season


The climate of Ooty in summer rises to a maximum of 25 degree Celsius and the lowest temperature is 10 degree Celsius. This makes the weather in Ooty more pleasant than the plains. The summer season starts from March and lasts till June. However the nights are colder than day times. So, even if you are going to visit Ooty in summer it is better to carry a thick jacket and woolen shawl to wear during night time. Majority of people visit Ooty in summer as Ooty looks colorful with variety of flowering plants at this time.




Ooty Climate in Winter Season


The climate of Ooty in winter is cold and chilly and drops to as much as 4 degree Celsius. There will be ice formation during this time. The icy cold climate starts in October and reaches its maximum in January and ends in February with the onset of spring season. If you are going to Ooty in winter season, you must carry thick woolen sweaters and mufflers to protect you from the Ooty weather.


Ooty Climate in Monsoon Season


The monsoon season in Ooty is marked by heavy rainfall. This brings new life to the vegetation at Ooty. Monsoon season is unfit for trekking. But this brings charm to the entire area covering it with green grasslands. The monsoon season starts in July and lasts till September. Ooty receives an annual rainfall of 1237.7 mm.




Ooty receives the highest rainfall in the month of October which is 189.2 mm. In December it decreases to 52.8 mm. However, there is mild shower throughout the year.

Last Updated: 30/04/2012

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