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Local Transportation in Nashik

Local Transportation in Nashik

Nashik is very good in its road infrastructure as it saw huge development recently. There are many private and tolled expressways that make travel a smooth and enjoyable adventure. The flyover from Indiranagar to Meenatai Thackeray Stadium is the longest in the state running to about 5.8 km.


Buses are the cheapest means of local transportation in Nashik. There are special Nashik Darshan buses that ply every day for the convenience of the tourists. However the tickets for these buses have to be obtained a day in advance to avoid last minute disappointments. Apart from these special buses, the regional public transport service is also available. If you want to travel in comfort then the private rented car is the best option. Alternatively you can also hire auto rickshaws which are cheaper than the cars.

Last Updated: 02/10/2012

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