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Climate in Nashik


Climate in Nashik

Nashik has a mild climate and has hot summers and mild and dry winters. The three seasons of Nashik are summer, winter and monsoon.


Nashik Seasons







Mar to Jun

16 deg C to 37 deg C

Hot summer season with high humidity.


Jun to Sep

21 deg C to 32 deg C

Wide variation in rainfall with humidity up to 62%.


Nov to Feb

10 deg C to 31 deg C

Warm days with cool nights with occasional cold waves.


Best Time To Visit Nashik – October to March



Nashik Climate in Summer Season


The summer season is hot with temperature rising above 42 degree Celsius. This makes it unfit for any tourist activities and so this is not the right time to visit the city. But for this, Nashik has a mild climate throughout the year.



Nashik Climate in Winter Season


In winter months, the climate dips to 10 degree Celsius. The winters are mild and dry with warm days and cool nights. The cold waves blow through this region making the climate chilly at times. Visiting Nashik at this time would be good for sightseeing. The lowest ever recorded temperature was 0.6 degree C.


Nashik Climate in Monsoon Season


The average annual rainfall of Nashik is 690 mm but there is wide variation of the amount of rainfall received in various blocks. In the district the average annual rainfall is 2800 mm. July is the wettest month that receives more than 200 mm of rainfall. The relative humidity of the region during monsoon season ranges from 43% to 62%.


Last Updated: 02/10/2012

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