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Climate in Mumbai


Climate in Mumbai

Mumbai has a tropical wet and dry climate and has high level of humidity. The climate is moderate and coastal in nature with a yearly average of 27.2 degree Celsius. There are four distinct seasons in Mumbai namely summer, monsoon, post monsoon and winter.


Mumbai Seasons







Mar to May

21 deg C to 33 deg C

Hot and humid with soothing sea breeze


Jun to Sep

24 deg C to 32 deg C

Heavy thunderstorms and windy

Post Monsoon

Oct to Dec

18 deg C to 33 deg C

Hot during day time and cold during nights


Dec to Feb

16 deg C to 32 deg C

Mild and pleasant weather with smog


Best Time To Visit Mumbai – October to April



Mumbai Climate in Summer Season


The summer season in Mumbai lasts from March to May and during the time the climate reaches the maximum of 33 degree Celsius. The hot and dry winds from Gujarat flow through the place making it humid. The smog and humidity are the major problems during this time. However the sea breezes give some cooling effect especially during the evening time. During April, the plants are seen in full bloom. May is the hottest month of the year.



Mumbai Climate in Winter Season


The winter in Mumbai starts in December and lasts till February. January is the coolest month of the year with an average daily minimum temperature of 16 degree and average daily maximum temperature of 30 degree Celsius. The weather is mild and pleasant during that time and the sky is clear with some smog in the morning time. The days are dry and the nights are comparatively humid. In February the weather becomes fine with increased smog.


Mumbai Climate in Monsoon Season


The monsoon season starts in June and ends in September. Monsoon season is marked by heavy thunderstorms and is almost windy. The rainfall is intense in July which is the wettest month. The climate ranges between 24 and 31 degree Celsius during this time. In July there is continuous nonstop rainfall and there is no sunshine for weeks. Some parts of the city are waterlogged during this time and this affects the public transport system to a great extent. Flooding is also not uncommon in certain areas. When the intensity of the monsoon rains becomes lesser in August the days are coolest and pleasant.



Mumbai Climate in Post Monsoon Season


During post monsoon season which lasts from October to December, it is hot during day time and cold during nights. The level of humidity starts decreasing and the minimum temperature is 18 degree Celsius and the maximum temperature is 32 degree Celsius. In October there are some rains but it stops completely in November and December.

Last Updated: 12/07/2012

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