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Majuli Travel Guide


Majuli Travel Guide

One of the main attractions of the Indian state of Assam in the far eastern regions of the country is its overwhelming beauty. And a large part of this is contributed by the expanses of the Brahmaputra River. The picturesque island of Majuli is also a part of the river where it is formed. Over the years of its existence the place has remained untouched by the abrasion of modern culture. There is a unique calming effect that Majuli will always have on the senses of its visitors that will bring them back each time.

The island of Majuli is also famous for its cultural festivities and music. There is a well formed tribal cultural apart from other sects that are also a part of the island culture. The Misings, Deoris and the Sonowal Kacharis are the main tribal groups apart from the Vaishnava groups that are based here.

One of the most well known and auspicious places to visit in Majuli is the Moni Kanchan Sanjog of Shankardeva and Madhavdeva. There is a vast tradition of music and dance that is also found in Majuli and is believed to have originated from its Satras that are extremely well known here. There are dance forms like that of the Chali, Notua, Apsara and Sutradhar among several others that have originated here.

Majuli is also a place of natural wonders that you can explore if you love nature. There are several types of migratory birds that are seen to fly here and back during seasons. Commonly seen are pelicans, Siberian cranes and storks among others. You will also be mesmerized to check out the rich traditions of art and craft that is an integral part of the identity at Majuli. There are various types of handicrafts, pottery, woven material and artifacts that are available here and are easily some of the finest pieces of art.

There are several types of travel plans and tours that are available at Majuli. From holiday packages to a honeymoon package you will be able to select one for your preference. There are boating and cruises available across the Brahmaputra River that can be undertaken. There is also a variety of water sport options that are available here. 

You can travel to Majuli by airways, railways and even road. But in the end it has to be a journey by water. The nearest railway station and the airport is at Jorhat and from there you can avail different options such as bus services and taxis to take you to Neamati Ghat. From here there is a regular ferry service at intervals which will take you to Majuli. You will also be able to stay at Majuli in one of the many hotels that are available here. There are small guesthouses too where you can stay. 

Last Updated: 29/03/2012

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