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Konark Travel Guide


Konark Travel Guide

Orissa is blessed with a number of tourist attractions that magnify the cultural and historical significance of India. Adding to this enriching scene of India is yet another enticing place steeped in history and culture-Konark. Resting along the Bay of Bengal and at a distance of 65km from Bhubaneswar this small town has a rich historical past that goes back to the times of Kalinga Kingdom. The name “Konark” is a fusion of two words, ‘Kona’ meaning corner and ‘Arka’ meaning sun. Tourists from various parts of the world and from various parts of India are seen making a trip to this holy place. Apart from the various tourist places of attraction there is a sea beach, the water of which is believed to be holy. Taking a dip in this water during the time of Magha Saptami Mela is considered sacred.

The first tourist spot that comes to mind when one hears the name of Konark is the splendid Sun Temple. It is rightly and truly the prime tourist attraction at Konark. Recognised today as the World Heritage Site, the Konark temple is dedicated to the Sun God. Built at the time of the Ganga Dynasty in the 13thcentury by the then King Narasimhadeva the temple has all the essence of the Indian style of architecture. The temple has been built in the replica of a chariot; it has 24 giant wheels that are shown to be pulled by 7 horses. The erotic sculptures are reflection of Orissa’s medieval architecture. There is a beach in its vicinity known by the name of Chandrabhaga attributed to be one of the finest beaches in the eastern coastline. The mingling of the golden sand, the cool breeze and the cobalt water of the sea gives an aura of blissfulness.

There is an archaeological museum that is worth a stopover. It exhibits the marvellous Oriyan architectural works like the medieval stone block, the Navagraha slab etc. There are a number of monuments in Konark where the fusion of holiness and architectural grandeur raises an unforgettable impression in the minds and heart of the tourists. Other places of attraction include the Ramachandi Temple that is devoted to Goddess Ramachandi; there also lies the ruins of Mayadevi Temple etc.

Konark host a number of events and festivals, one of the most prominent and well-known festivals are the Konark dance festival where renowned classical dancers from all over the country come to perform. On the event of Magha Saptami Konark comes alive with thousands of devotees thronging the place. A visit to Konark will surely be an enriching experience for you, and for all those keen to imbibe themselves on the cultural and historical diversity of India. 

Last Updated: 29/03/2012

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