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Local Transportation in Kolkata

Local Transportation in Kolkata

There are many options for transportation in Kolkata such as by tram, by train, by bus, by auto-rickshaw, by rickshaw, by ferry and by cars. These makes traveling easier by the streets are always packed with traffic.


Transportation in Kolkata by Tram and by Train


Calcutta tramway is the only one of its kind in India and the oldest tram network in Asia. In many places the service has been stopped but still it serves certain parts of the city. These trams are slower in streets due to high traffic. But still they are considered to be environmentally friendly due to their non-emission. The electrified suburban rail network also provides transportation facilities.


Transportation in Kolkata By Buses


The city has extensive bus network and this is the cheapest and easiest means of transport though not very comfortable. The routes are written on the buses in Bengali and Englisha dn these are run by Calcutta State Transport Corporation, Calcutta Tramways Company, Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission and West Bengal Surface Transport Corporation. Volvo buses are also available to particular destinations.


Transportation in Kolkata by Rickshaws


Both cycle rickshaws and auto rickshaws are available for transportation. There are also share autos that run in fixed routes and the fare for them is fixed. Cycle rickshaws and human pulled rickshaws are commonly seen. This is the only metropolitan city where human pulled rickshaws are still in vogue.


Transportation in Kolkata by Cars


There are private car rental services located in all the parts of the city. The charges depend upon the make and model of the car and they are charged based on the hours of usage and also according to the number of kilometers. They are chauffeur driven vehicles that offer you doorstep pickups and drops.


Transportation in Kolkata by Ferries


Ferries are the less crowded modes of transport. However it is a slow means of transport that takes time to reach the destination. There are many ghats and jetties from where you can board the ferries. You can reach various spots on the banks of the river in a hassle free manner. They are indeed very cheap when compared to other modes of transport. When you get down from Howrah station, jetty is located just opposite to its entrance and if you need to go to Babu Ghat this is the easier option.

Last Updated: 26/07/2012

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