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Climate in Kochi


Climate in Kochi

Kochi has a tropical monsoon climate that has less seasonal variations with moderate to high levels of humidity. The annual temperature of Kochi ranges between 23 deg C to 31 deg C. The three seasons prevailing in Kochi are winter, summer and monsoon.


Kochi Seasons







Mar to Jun

25 deg C to 31 deg C

Hot, dry and humid weather not fit for outdoor activities.


Jun to Sep

24 deg C to 28 deg C

Heavy rainfall not fit for outdoor activities.


Oct to Feb

23 deg C to 31 deg C

Cool and dry temperature ideal for tourism.


Best Time To Visit – October to March



Kochi Climate in Summer Season


Kochi has a warm and dry summer with a maximum temperature of 37 degree Celsius. The weather is humid but tolerable. The days are sultry and tiring but the nights are warm. Some of the activities near beach like swimming are seen during this time. But the weather makes the outdoor expedition uncomfortable.



Kochi Climate in Winter Season


The winter season is quite longer starting from the month of October and ending with February. The climate is moderate in October and the city gets post monsoon showers at this time. The sightseeing season starts. Boat cruising, fishing and swimming are commonly observed. The winter months are cool and pleasant and winter is the right time for enjoying the natural beauty of the land and for the backwater explorations and houseboat vacations. Tourism fairs and carnivals are conducted in winter season bringing more visitors.


Kochi Climate in Monsoon Season


The average annual rainfall of Kochi is 3228 mm and has totally 132 rainy days. Most of the showers are brought by the southwest monsoon winds. The winds are moderate during this time the rainfall starts in May and ends in November. June is the wettest month receiving about an average of 720 mm of rainfall. This time is unfit for sightseeing and tourist activities and also houseboats are prohibited. The city sleeps without life at this time.


Last Updated: 01/10/2012

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