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While Kanyakumari town has tourist attractions of its own, the district has many more, from centuries-old historic and religious sites to scenic places. The district is also rich in flora and fauna. A unique feature of Kanyakumari district is that it has all kinds of natural eco-systems. Thus, one can see beaches, mountain valleys, evergreen forests in the deep interior, rubber and clove plantations on the highlands, etc.

The following are some of the many popular tourist attractions around Kanyakumari -

Vivekananda Memorial and Tiruvalluvar Rock at sunrise, View of the Western Ghats at Keeriparai, Baywatch Amusement Park, Kanyakumari, Map showing near-by areas and Pancha pathi, Chothavilai Beach near Nagercoil

Our lady of Ransom Church situated in Kanyakumari, the place where the missionaries had preached the paravas and converted them to christianity. The first church in the form of a thatched roof was built here in the early 15th century for venerating Santhosha Madha .The church at present stands 153 m tall and it was 100 years old. The new church was built in Gothic Architecture and it looks fabulous when seen with the seashore background, viewing from Our Lady of Ransom Arch near Church Road entrance.

From the shore where the fishing boats are moored you can see the three towering spires of this off-white Gothic structure with a distinct Portuguese feel. The Church of Our Lady of Ransom is a more than 100-year-old building dedicated to Mother Mary. But what catches your eye first-up is the 153-foot-high (46 meters) central tower crowned with a Cross of pure gold. Truly a beautiful structure; the church looks particularly gorgeous against the molten-blue noon sky. Astonishingly, the grand Gothic façade is a striking contrast to its almost bare interiors.

Once you tread in you will be goggled by its hollowness; no pews anywhere in sight, only a beautiful idol of Mother Mary clad in a sari – like in most South Indian churches – and a little Cross on the altar. This emptiness is further accentuated by colorful light patterns thrown by the stained-glass windows on the bare floor. And one is given to wonder that the church is probably no longer functional! On the contrary, in fact, the church holds mass regularly on the floor made of sand. Since the parish here predominantly comprise local fishing folks, mass is always held in the regional language Tamil.

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