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Kanchipuram Travel Guide

    Kamakshi Amman Temple

    Kamakshi Amman Temple



Kanchipuram Travel Guide

When you step into the boundaries of Kanchipuram your heart will be full of expectations. The city you are about to move further into is regarded as one of the seven sacred cities of India. Additionally, as an honour to its seamless track record of producing the country’s most admirable silk sarees, this city is revered as the silk house of India.

Your stay in this part of Tamil Nadu is going to be a lively experience which you will carry with you forever. Getting to this place is very easy especially when you reach Chennai as the distance between these two places is nearly 75 km. On top of this is the good connectivity supported by well laid roads and frequency of the buses operated on this route. When asked of the things to do, any local would instruct you to visit the famous temples, Kanchi Kamakshi temple, Ekamabaranathar temple and the Devarajaswami temple which are supposed to have stood the test of time.

The presence of many temples structured during the yester year means that you will have a lovely time seeing around the altars, shrines, stoopas and the paintings. Reminiscent of the type of people who lived back then and the way of living, these symbols of culture and heritage stand as a guide that we need to follow to attain karma in life. Not only are these buildings, temples, paintings and the carvings evocative of the spiritual practices carried out here but they are good enough to kindle interest in all art aficionados who get stuck seeing and admiring the beauty of these awe-inspiring creations of man. Apart from these temples which exemplify the symbol and pulse of this city of thousand temples, you can turn your attention to many things that are full of life with culture and spirituality.

As mentioned before, Kanchipuram is referred to as the home of traditional silk sarees. The processes which go into the making of the lovely outfit are a treat to watch. So, when you go to any of the famous silk saree shops out there, place a request and ask them whether you could be allowed to watch the silk weaving process which is generally restricted. The silk sarees made here have set a brand for themselves not only within the boundaries of Tamil Nadu but all over the world as well. No Tamil wedding ceremony is complete without wearing a set of handpicked Kanchipuram sarees. This is the actual significance of the craftsmanship and the quality of these exquisite sarees available in this part of Tamil Nadu.

You also have a lot of authentic hotels and restaurants which cater to the needs of the tourists by serving them well. For the most part of the day, original spicy South Indian meals are served up hot. When you try the varieties available here, you’d appreciate the taste of the people. Yes, the meals provided here are very scrumptious to relish and grow interest over. Make sure you occupy yourselves, soak your heart with contentment by doing every delightful thing that you could do in this land of heritage.


Last Updated: 29/03/2012

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