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Kamarajar Sagar Dam Travel Guide

    Kamarajar Sagar Dam

    Kamarajar Sagar Dam

    Kamarajar Sagar Dam


Kamarajar Sagar Dam Travel Guide

The location of Kamarajar sagar dam is in the Athoor village of Dindigul district of Indian state of Tamil Nadu. This is a place of many attractions and places of interest that beckons a large number of tourists to the place each year. This is also one of the typical examples of a tropical destination with its innumerous coconut and mango trees that is commonly found in these regions of the country.  For all those who are looking forward to a break from the bustling din of city life and a place that could perfectly relax their nerves this could be an ideal destination.

There are long walks here at Kamarajar that you could take and enjoy the vast expanses of the greenery in the surroundings. And to make this popular activity easier there are already existing trailers that have been left from earlier times. What makes these walks incredibly interesting is that while  walking you can easily reach to most of the places of interest that are there in Kamarajar. This is also a place for various trekking and camping excursions into the neighboring regions. However trekking is different than casual walks. For this there are definite destinations like that of Mukurthi. This is a peak in the Nilgiri Hills situated at a height of 2500 meters. You will need special and prior permission to set on a trek.

Take a closer look at Kamarajar Lake and you will be truly amazed. There is a wide variety of birds that will be seen along the banks and also in the surroundings. Those that are interested in bird watching or in nature may find this an incredible sight to miss. There are storks, kingfishers, cranes, herons, peacocks that are only a few names among more than a 100 varieties. Visitors often take a stroll around the lake along the trails that are there to take a closer look and enjoy the cool breeze of the place and the natural beauty.

Then there is the beautiful and intriguing cave temple at Kamrajar. This is the Sandayandi Temple is a Hindu temple of the ancient times that has a religious significance even today. There is a festival that is held every year during the full moon periods in the months of July and August. It is attended by large numbers of people from the region as well as surrounding places. There is a very serene ambience that created around the shrine of the temple by the presence of a banyan tree. You will also get to see several smaller shrines that are there in close proximity of the temple.

There are several airports that are located close by at Madurai, Chennai, Bangalore and Tiruchirapalli. The nearest railway station is at Dindigul and this is connected equally with Madurai and Chennai. There is a wide network of trains connecting from here. 

Last Updated: 29/03/2012

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Kamarajar Sagar Dam
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