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Igatpuri Travel Guide


Igatpuri Travel Guide

One of the most imposing hill stations in the Nasik district of the state of Maharashtra, Igatpuri is an ideal place for a weekend halt. Perched on a height of 1, 900 feet, it is a place that is naturally endowed with hilly terrain, cascades and woody forests. This is what account for its ambience of serenity where one can repose oneself in nature’s bounty. The charm of the place that emanates from every nook and corner generates a feeling of relaxation in the mind and makes one forget the humdrum of daily life. One is far removed from the world of reality. The surrounding scenic area produces a harmonious setting, where the soft breeze of the wind lulls and soothes us. There is ample opportunity for adventure lovers as they can indulge in activities like rock climbing, trekking and hiking. During the monsoon season Igatpuri comes alive in all its beautiful colours thus, reaching the peak of its beauty.  

There are various places of attractions in Igatpuri some of them are Bhatsa River Valley, Tringalwadi Fort, Ghatandevi Mandir, Vaitarna Dam and Camel Valley.

The Bhatsa River Valley is an exquisite tourist spot of vegetation and hills which promise to lure tourists with stunning and impressive landscapes and above all with its meandering hills and valleys. The river makes an imposing cut, developing a valley of impeccable beauty.

In the undulating rocky mountains of the Western Ghats there lies the Vaitarna Dam in the Vaitarna River which attracts tourist for its scenic exquisiteness. The dam was constructed in the early 50’s. The beauty of the place is heightened all the more by the lovely lagoons, black waters and deep woods. The place is an absolute delight for tourists who are nature enthusiasts. However, the dam has a significance of its own. It is the chief source of water and electricity to the Mumbai people.

The Tringalwadi Fort is a great place for trekking. The narrow pathway that leads up to the fort can trekked. There is also the Tringalwadi Lake which creates an alluring backdrop. The fort is an ancient one the summit of which gives a commanding view of the neighbouring locality and of the mountain peaks. The fort is an architectural marvel. There is an amazing temple that is dedicated to Lord Hanuman at the premise of the fort.

The Ghatandevi Temple is also an interesting place to visit. The temple is dedicated to the deity Ghatan Devi. The temple and its surrounding deliver a sight that is worth savouring. One can get an engaging view of peaks like Harihar, Trimak and Durvar. One gets introduced to a divine ambience of serenity and calmness personified.

Igatpuri has well connected links with all its neighbouring cities. Travelling by road is a good option as it will bring you in close contact with the beauty and splendour of the natural surroundings. 

Last Updated: 29/03/2012

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