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Hogenakkal Falls Travel Guide

    Hogenakkal Falls

    Hogenakkal Falls

    Hogenakkal Falls


Hogenakkal Falls Travel Guide

There are various places throughout the length and breadth of India that are truly wondrous and resplendent in their natural beauty. And this is also true for Hogenakkal in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. This is a place of one of the most spectacular waterfalls of the country. It is located in the Dharmapuri district of Tamil Nadu and is fed mainly by the waters of the Cauvery River.

This water of the Hogenakkal Falls is known to possess medicinal properties that are useful in healing several ailments. And this attracts a large number of tourists and visitors to the place that seek solace in these waters. It is also in close proximity of the Melagiri Hills that is a reserve of unique natural reserves and picturesque scenic beauty. It only adds to the destination being popular among the people who visit every year.

The Hogenakkal Falls are also nicknamed as the Niagara Falls of India due to its impressive fall and powerful gush. There is at least a deep gorge of about 60 feet to 1000 feet where the water falls with great force. You can also take a trip of the local villages that have farms that breed silk worms and mulberry bushes. There is a beautiful expanse of green landscape that can be a breathtakingly picturesque view for holiday makers.

People come to visit Hogenakkal from neighboring regions of the state as well as from other places like Bangalore. It provides one of the most chosen picnic spots for its natural beauty. However another reason for occasional trips to the place is also to take a sacred bath in the waters of the Hogenakkal as they are curative and can heal various types of ailments.

You can also enjoy local boating when you are at Hogenakkal. These boats are traditionally made here with bamboo and are called Coracles. They are also referred as ‘basket boats’. They are circular in shape and covered with the hide of animals like buffaloes or even black plastic in some. It is a unique process of traveling on the water flow and is also known as one of the oldest. They are available for experiencing in the months of February when it is also appropriate for tourists to visit Hogenakkal.

The nearest airport to Hogenakkal is at Bangalore and from there you can travel to the destination by taxis and bus services. There are two railways stations in close proximity – one from Bangalore and the other from Salem. You can also access the place by road as there are plenty of bus services and taxis or even rental car services that are available.

You will have various choices of accommodation at Hogenakkal. There are facilities at the place itself and even around it. 

Last Updated: 29/03/2012

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Hogenakkal Falls
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