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Hampi Travel Guide


Hampi Travel Guide

Hampi is a culturally lush town situated in the south Indian state of Karnataka. The ancient shrines are the luminary attractions of Hampi and influence a large number of visitors from all over the world. The initial name of this region was Pampa, the name by which river Tungabhadra was called before. This illustrious town is set on the banks of this river that includes more enchantment to it. Moreover, it is a UNESCO World Heritage spot distinguished for its ancient temples. Extending over an area of 26 sq. km and setting back to the epoch amidst 11th to 13th century, the sanctuaries of Hampi are now in ruins.

These ancient sanctuaries speak great amounts concerning the glorious historical events of this town which was once governed by the inordinate Vijayanagara Empire. Corresponding to the epic tale, Lord Hanuman was born in this region. This town also encounters a reference in Ramayana, the celebrated Hindu Epic. The Matanga hill in this town has utter religious importance as it is the location where Sugriva took shelter after a combat with his brother Bali.

The former rulers of Hampi marked their heritage in the form of various exquisite temples, palaces and imperial pavilions. Beautifully constituted and magnificently sculpted temples are about 500 in the number. Over the centuries, these sanctuaries have overhauled into ruins but even so reflect the architectural allure in plenty. By watching at the monuments you can visualize how astounding they must have been throughout the time when they were constructed.

In Hampi you can get hold of an authentic Karnataka cuisine which includes traditional full meals served on medicinal plantain leaf. There are no big and luxury hotels in Hampi but still you can definitely find a comfortable and clean accommodation amidst the nature and historical monuments. Here we can experience the divinity of simplicity. The city has varied rich culture to offer that the minute hassles in accommodations go unnoticed. The ones who are curious to explore the ancient civilization of India must pay a visit here.

Hampi offers wide range of temples including the prime Virupaksha temple situated in Hampi bazaar and has 160 foot high tower in the entrance and Vittala temple which has unique musical pillars. The whole town is filled with ancient artifacts and can be just roamed around for more interesting locales.

Hampi is a symbol for the passions, indiscretions and restrictions of the human mind. It does not fail to prompt one of the extremities of human competences. Vijayanagara was the prey of the lethal haze of the unholy blend of religion and politics. The blend continues to subsist and throws over its venomous things on the people. They recommence to gulp it without endeavoring to cause a change. Lots of secular institutions transformed into ruins, as well as our fractured mental levels carry on accepting them. Many years of intrusions and demolition have logically left intense scars in our inner self. Moreover, we are segmented by countless religions. Physically putting up with each other, yet mentally we stand divided. This stunning city reminds us of this important philosophy.

Last Updated: 29/03/2012

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