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Local Transportation in Erode

Local Transportation in Erode

Erode is the headquarters of the Erode district and so it is well connected by roads. So, the local transport in Erode has been made smoother. The NH 47 is the important road that connects Erode with Salem, Chennai, Coimbatore and Cochin.

The important bus stand is Erode Central Bus Stand and this is the divisional headquarters of the Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation. The State Express Bus Corporation operates expresses buses.

The town buses offer cheap local transport in Erode. Brough Road, Mettur Road, R.K.V. Road and Nethaji Road are the busiest roads of Erode.

Autorickshaws are cheap private means of transport. Share autos are also run between fixed routes. The taxi stand at Panneer Selvam Park is the place where private taxis could be hired for local transportation in Erode.

Call Taxis and private cabs are also available and the charges are based on kilometers and per hour basis for short distances.

Last Updated: 15/06/2012

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