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Where to Eat in Coimbatore

The Coimbatore restaurants are popular for their South Indian delicacies mostly served in banana leaves. Together with this, the sweet tasting Siruvani water is a thing not to miss here. The best foods served here are idlis, dosas, vada, chutney and vegetarian rice with rasam, sambhar, papad, koottu, poriyal, morkuzhambu, pulikuzhambu and curd. The Annapoorna restaurants chain has its branches in all parts of the city and they are noted for the hygienic and good quality food items.


If you want to taste the special sweets of Coimbatore then the right place would be to check out Krishna Sweets. Apart from these traditional restaurants, there are also many coffee pubs and fast food outlets here like Pizza Hut, Dominos Pizza, Barista, Café Coffee Day, etc. These are always crowded especially during weekends. They all fit into budget ranges of the middle class families.

Last Updated: 05/08/2012

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Restaurants in Coimbatore

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