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Cherrapunjee Travel Guide





Cherrapunjee Travel Guide

A 2-3 hours ride through a winding yet well paved road from the city of Shillong will bring you to the world’s wettest land- Cherrapunjee. The place is gifted with some unique features which makes it stand out from other tourist destinations in India. It has made its way to the Guinness Book of World Record for receiving most rain in a calendar month. Moreover, unlike other place, Cherrapunjee experiences only one season throughout the year, namely monsoon. It is the only place where the rainfall is recorded in feet rather than millimetres. Though the region experiences rainfall every month yet the daily activities of the place are never stranded. The all pervading clouds give one a heavenly feeling; so does the spectacular verdure of the hills and valleys. The everlasting beauty of the place creates a magnetic effect on all those who visit its periphery.

Places of tourist interest in Cherrapunjee are innumerable. Some of them are Mawsmai falls, Dainthlen Falls, Nohkalikai Falls, Rama Krishna Mission Museum, Mawsmai Cave, Khasi Monoliths, Living Root Bridge, Double Decker Root Bridge, Eco-Park, Thangkharang Park/ Kynrem Waterfalls, Khoh Ramhah, the Grand Canyon, Nohsngithiang Waterfalls etc.

Cherrapunjee comes alive when it rains. The spectacular sight of the rolling clouds kissing the hills every now and then is a sight worth savouring. Sometimes the whole place is covered in blanket of clouds and when it lifts its veil it gives an intriguing and heart rendering vision of hills and waterfalls. Dotted with clouds here and there it creates a picture perfect sight.

Cherrapunjee is the proud possessor of the 4th highest waterfalls in India. Known by the name of Mawsmai Falls, it has an alluring beauty and is situated just at a distance of few kilometres from Cherrapunjee. Other exotic and spectacular waterfall includes the Dainthlen Falls and the Nohkalikai Falls. Both deserve a stopover. Cherrapunjee also has an illuminated cave in its precincts known as Mawsmai Cave. The impressive Rama Krishna Mission is another attraction. Set at the backdrop of an exotic landscape, the educational institution lies unparalleled. There is also an ancient Presbyterian Church in the heart of Cherrapunjee; known for its architectural marvel. While at Cherrapunjee one can also enjoy trekking at the Tyrna village, or at Laitkynsew. One should not forget to visit the living root bridge; it will surely leave you bewildered.

 Cherrapunjee is a land of abundant beauty and multitude of tourist attractions. Delve into its immense beauty and take pride in the cultural diversity of the place. The land with all its incredible features is a must visited tourist spot in India.   

Last Updated: 29/03/2012

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