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Changlang Travel Guide


Changlang Travel Guide

There is a particular serenity about the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh that makes it an alluring destination for those who love the adventure of travel. There are multiple towns, districts and other places in the state that will amaze you with their natural beauty and achievements of human endeavor that has reached a new level of excellence. One of your destinations of the state will be the district of Changlang. This is located to the northeastern limits of the state and shares its boundary with Myanmar.

There is a great deal of bio-diversity which is found at Changlang. Picturesque mountain tops that gently slope down to the valleys make for some of the most beautiful regions to see and enjoy. This can be the best way to unwind your tired nerves and senses as you gaze into the oblivion. There is a mix of cultural group of people. At least a number of 50 dialects are spoken here. This is also where the first lights of the morning Sun touches the soil in the country and can be a truly one of a kind to experience while you are here.

One of the main attractions of the region is the Namdapha Tiger Reserve. This uninterrupted forest reserve is complemented with natural streams and waterfalls at various points. The best means of reaching the destination is with your own transport and car rentals. There are accommodations available here and will need to be booked in advance. The accommodations are well furnished places of stay coupled with extraordinarily beautiful views of the surroundings. Besides the tiger there is a wide variety of bird species that are seen here. Prepare to see some of the Indian hornbills, pheasants, wood ducks and jungle fowls among several others. You will also be able to also see diverse plants and trees that grow here.

There was a time when this was only a place for tourism and remote habitation. However in the recent past there have been several activities and developments that have taken place. There is an interest seen among various companies to set up bases over here to initiate different industries. The same will not only enable the local population to grow and improve their living conditions. There is also a movement seen in favor of education through the efforts of several NGOs and other charitable organizations.

Gradually your travel plans to Changlang will see further improvements in hospitality standards and available facilities. Till then there is always a vast natural heritage that can be enjoyed and cherished. it is advisable to travel here between the months of April and October. Always carry light woolens with your cotton clothing even in the summer months. 

Last Updated: 29/03/2012

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