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Bokaro Steel City Travel Guide

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Bokaro Steel City Travel Guide

The location of the industrial destination of Bokaro Steel City is in the Indian state of Jharkhand. This is a place of the largest steel plants in the country along with several other setups for industries and companies here. The city that is located in the Chota Nagpur Plateau region is also home to some of the most important administrative and government offices of the district of Bokaro. It forms one of the central hubs of activities in the region.

The basic topography of the place is one that has beautiful valleys and meadows coupled with the highlands and streams and waterfalls. It attracts a large number of tourists here that can see great variations of the natural beauty and human endeavor with different kinds of commercial projects.

If you are traveling to the region there is little doubt that a closer look of the Bokaro Steel Plant will be on your travel itinerary. There are well companies like SAIL and DVC that have their contributions in the making of a successful setup here. However there are plenty of other places too that are there to be seen.

Take a trip to Garga Dam. In close proximity to the city this is one of the choicest picnic spots of the region. There are beautiful greenery and calming environs that can make for a truly relaxing day. The Garga Dam is also a place where you can see varieties of aquatic species. There is the destination of Parasnath Hills that is located in the Giridih district of the state. This is a place of popular pilgrimage and you can also see some of the best known temples here as well.

You can also visit the Chinnamasta Temple that is a drive of 8 kilometers from Bokaro City. it is located on the confluence of the rivers of Bhairavi and Damodar. There are other temples that are dedicated to Lord Buddha, Ram Mandir, Jagannath Temple and Kali temple nearby that is popularly visited by all those who travel here.

There are several types of accommodation facilities that are available. you can choose from luxury hotels to budget accommodations also. You can travel here easily by airways, railways and by road as well. There are multiple flight and train operations that are available along with plenty of bus services and car rentals available to all neighboring regions.

There is travel and tour package deals too that is available across different cities and towns of the country. These are comprehensive offers of travel that will include your accommodation and travel arrangements too. Taking one of these will ensure a smooth and well planned visit to Bokaro Steel city. there are several places to visit and thus a proper plan is necessary. 

Last Updated: 29/03/2012

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