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Climate in Bhubaneswar


Climate in Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar has a tropical savanna climate with the average temperature ranging between 12 degree Celsius and 45 degree Celsius. Summer, winter and monsoon are the three seasons in Bhubaneswar.


Bhubaneswar Seasons







Mar to May

25 deg C to 36 deg C

Hot and humid


Jun to Oct

25 deg C to 32 deg C

Comes as a relief to hot summer


Nov to Feb

16 deg C to 28 deg C

Pleasant weather ideal for tourism


Best Time To Visit Bhubaneswar – October to March



Bhubaneswar Climate in Summer Season


Bhubaneswar has hot and humid summer that starts from March and lasts till May. The climate reaches as much as 38 degree Celsius. Sometimes sudden rainfall hits the land in summer making the climate humid. The heat waves from ocean hit the land making it hotter and so this season is not fit for tourist activities.




Bhubaneswar Climate in Winter Season


The winter months are pleasant and mild. The chilly winds from the northeast direction blow through the city. The climate drops to as much as 15 degree Celsius in winter season. There is little or no rainfall during these months.


Bhubaneswar Climate in Monsoon Season


Bhubaneswar gets good amount of rainfall in monsoon season from the southwest monsoon winds. The average annual rainfall of Bhubaneswar is 1542 mm. August is the wettest month and most of the rainfall is received in the months of June to October.



Last Updated: 01/10/2012

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