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What to Do in Bhopal


9 Things To Do In Bhopal


1. Bhopal is the right place to buy some bead worked or embroidered items like purses, bags and shawls. Explore the emporiums here to bag some of the good quality fabric and arts and crafts.


2. Aashima Mall located on the Hoshangabad Road has a great food court with 13 different kitchens of many parts of the country and the world. Have your lunch or dinner relishing a different cuisine.


3. Get an entry into the clubs of one of the hotels like Amer Palace or The Residency in the Maharana Pratap Nagar area and watch the young Bhopali dance at night there.


4. Spend a day at the Museum of Man created by the Madhya Pradesh government. This is created on the small hill in natural form to depict the daily lives of the tribal people.




5. There are some lakes in Bhopal like Upper Lake and Lower Lake and the water of these lakes are said to have medicinal value. You can enjoy the water sports here along with the splendor of the lake.


6. Taste the famous sweet Juli, the Bangali mithai that you will get at Jain Mithai Bhandar at old city.


7. Take a visit to Sanchi, the Buddhist pilgrim destination located about 45 km from Bhopal.


8. Enjoy the sour and spicy chaat of Bhopal along with many other delicacies unique to the soil.


9. Take a 3 km walk uphill to reach the Bhimbetka, the world heritage site with some of the oldest cave paintings. This is situated 40 km from the city. 

Last Updated: 01/10/2012

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