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Climate in Bhopal


Climate in Bhopal

Bhopal experiences a humid subtropical climate that hot and humid summer season and cold and dry winter months. It has three seasons, summer, monsoon and winter.


Bhopal Seasons







Mar to May

17 deg C to 41 deg C

Hot weather making it unfit for tourist activities.


Jun to Sep

21 deg C to 37 deg C

Southwest monsoon wind brings rainfall.


Dec to Feb

9 deg C to 28 deg C

Cold and misty with light rainfall.


Best Time To Visit Bhopal – October to March



Bhopal Climate in Summer Season


Bhopal has a hot and humid summer which makes it unfit for tourism. May is the hottest month and the temperature rises to as much as 45 degree Celsius in May. There is little or no rainfall during this time.



Bhopal Climate in Winter Season


In winter, the climate is cool as well as sunny. So it is very comfortable for tourism. The winter season starts in late November and lasts till February. The average daily temperature of Bhopal in winter is 16 degree Celsius. The temperature goes down near freezing point during winter nights in the month of January. The record low is 0.3 degree Celsius. Heavy fog during this time makes travel difficult.


Bhopal Climate in Monsoon Season


The average annual rainfall of Bhopal is 1020 mm. The rainfall starts in late June and continues till September. High humidity prevails during this time. The temperature ranges between 23 degree Celsius and 31 degree Celsius during this time. Southwest monsoon wind brings rainfall during this time and the natural beauty is at its peak.


Last Updated: 01/10/2012

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