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Belgaum Travel Guide

    Kamala Basti Jain Temple

    Kamala Basti Jain Temple



Belgaum Travel Guide

Belgaum has attained its name from its original name ‘Venugrama’ which meant Bamboo village. It is one of the largest cities in Karnataka.  It is a bordering city to the states of Goa and Maharashtra. The Government of Karnataka has proposed to make it as a second capital of the state and administering an upcoming state administrative tower called Suvarna Vidhan Soudha.

Belgaum has a pleasant climate throughout the year and looks at its best during the winter. Summers are usually very hot and scratchy which may make you exhausted very soon however the latter half of the year makes up for it. Winters are pleasant and are the favorable time to visit. As the city is near to both Goa and Maharashtra, it has wide variety of tourist spots to offer.

Since the city is amidst the Western Ghats, it bestows nature’s serene beauty in the form of dense forests, mountains and rivers. It also satiates the thirst of spiritual contentment by providing a range of historical sites, temples, religious sanctuaries, etc.

A few of the most noteworthy tourist locations are:

  • Kamal Basati – a Jain religion temple.
  • Belgaum Fort – a huge historical artifact
  • Gokak Falls – a resplendent waterfall
  • Jamboti – a popular tourist location
  • Vajrapoha Falls – a mystical waterfall on the Mondovi river
  • Handloom Cottage Industries and silk weavers specialized in designing traditional saris.

Cuisine in Belgaum is the conventional North Karnataka three course meal accompanied with spicy Buttermilk. Most of the dishes are garnished with peanuts, which are grown in abundance in this part of Karnataka. Belgaum is also famous for the most sought after dessert Kardantu which is a sweet mixture along with assorted dry fruits and condiments. All those who visit Belgaum do not forget to savor this dessert.

As this is the bordering city between two states namely Goa and Maharashtra, the culture is a blend of both states however the languages dominant here are both Marathi and Kannada. The dressing styles and attires are typical blend of both the states. Rural women mostly wear a 18 foot long cotton sari dyed with forest colors and men mostly wear plain white dhoti with a kurta and occasionally a plain white turban.

Its proximity to the most visited Goa and Pune makes it easy to blend in with your other tourism plans quite easily. You can also shop widely here for cotton apparels and traditional attires for your regular as well as casual needs. Yet the prices here are so minimal that you may end up purchasing the entire store.

Belgaum is also an educationally sound city where the prime contribution is Vishweshwariah Technological University (VTU) which graduates approximately around 50,000 engineers every year. It is also an educational hub with wide range of universities and colleges. People who visit here end up taking a course or two. Most of the prospective engineering students pay a visit here for enquiring about the wide range of courses as well.

Belgaum has a lot to offer to us in many areas, and should be visited at least once to see what benefit we can avail from it. Therefore, this as a city with multiple doors of opportunities and adventure.


Last Updated: 29/03/2012

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