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Amaravati Travel Guide


Amaravati Travel Guide

Amaravati is a little township located on the shore of the River Krishna in the Guntur zone of Andhra Pradesh, India. It is well known for the Amareswara temple devoted to god Shiva. The shrine is one of the eminent Pancharamas. Amaravati, is well recognized as Dhanyakatakawas the place of a renowned Buddhist Stupa constructed in pre-Mauryan eras. It was the capital of Satavahanas, the original celebrated Andhra kings who reigned from the second century BCE to the third century CE, posterior to the collapse of Maurya Empire.

The Skanda Purana bestows a depiction of the locale as well as the Siva temple situated here.  Sage Narada illustrates to Sounaka and distinct holy people that Amareswara is located in Amareswaram on the sides of river Krishna, also is on the southeasterly verge of the Srisailam temple. He additionally informs that Amareswaram is significant because of triple divine things namely the Krishna River, land that has exceptional powers and the almighty Siva in Linga form.

The area was the location of a celebrated Buddhist stupa in the first instance constructed during the rule of king Ashoka. Finished in two hundred CE, it is adorned with sculpted panels, which reveal the legend of Buddha's life. The land between Krishna along with Godavari Rivers was a significant locale for Buddhism from the second century BCE and several ancient statues have been found here. The stupa was then beautified with limestone and Buddha figures. In the period of the fall of Buddhism, this stupa was as well neglected, and it was concealed under ruins. There is a fourteenth century epitaph in Sri Lanka, which refers to the repairs performed to the stupa.

Moreover, Amravati has a many ancient temples around them which make it even more desirable to visit. All those who are in search of medieval period architectural designs and edifices must pay a visit to this place. We can find a culturally rich heritage which simply sweeps you away to the golden era of Maurya Empire. This place satisfies the thirst for knowledge about medieval India and history of Buddhism. Many archeological experts have visited this place and written volumes based on the discovery made by them here. The fascinating aspect of this place is the unique blend of Hinduism and Buddhism which cannot be found anywhere is this world.

The cuisine influence here is mostly typical Andhra cuisine which is rich in spice and tangy taste. The meals are dominated by rice dishes and chilly concoctions which are certain to ensnare your senses to the maximum. This place also has lot of tamarind groves therefore in spring season you can taste dishes made of tamarind buds and fresh leaves which are exceptional.

Amaravati is definitely a place to visit along with your camera and tourist map. You are definitely going to experience the heritage of medieval India and while returning you would be feeling the sense of pride that you have learned so much. As mentioned in this article, this place is tailor-made to all those tourists who have special interest in history and architecture.

Last Updated: 29/03/2012

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