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What to Do in Ahmedabad


8 Things To Do In Ahmedabad


1. Shopping: Ahmedabad is noted for its textile industry and so you may bag some garments from the main market area near Dhalgarwad, Ratan Pole, Manek Chowk and Thron Darwaja. Also you may visit some local sweet shops and purchase the famous Gujarati sweets.


2. If you happen to be in Ahmedabad during the one of the festivals celebrated here namely Diwali, Makar Sankranti, Raksha Bandhan, Holi, Navaratri, Eid Ul Fitr, etc. you can join the local people in their celebrations and will be able to understand the culture of the city.


3. Visit Adalaj step wells and this is an ancient piece of architecture that is built on Indo-Islamic style and is full of floral patterns making it beautiful to look at.




4. Enjoy the Gujarati meals that are served in the traditional hotels with salads, appetizers, pulses, vegetable curries, breads, snacks and sweets.


5. Ahmedabad is famous for its ice creams and Gujarati people are naturally fond of dairy products. So enjoy the specialties of Gujarat such as Banjiya, Haandvo, Srikhand, Dholka, etc.


6. Visit Auto World Vintage Car Museum and you will find lots of ancient and best cars of the world and if you pay a fee you will be allowed to drive in a historic car.


7. Visit the heritage houses of poles where you can find the original Ahmedabadi families and you can buy local crafts from the souvenir shop here.


8. Enjoy boat ride in the Kankaria Lake boat club and enjoy the beautiful fountain show organized here.

Last Updated: 18/07/2012

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