Dholpur District

Population: 1,207,293 (2011)

State: Rajasthan

Language: Rajasthani

Headquarters: Dholpur


Date of Formation: 1982

Area: 3034 square kilometers

Density of Population: 398 people per square kilometer

Literacy Rate: 70.14 % - Male: 82.53 %, Female: 55.45 %

Male Female Ratio: 1000:845


Boundaries of Dholpur District


North West: Bharatpur District, Rajasthan

South: Chambal River

East and North East: Uttar Pradesh

West: Karauli District, Rajasthan


Dholpur District Average Rainfall: 950.5 mm 

Dholpur District Average Temperature in Summer: 34.41 deg C 

Dholpur District Average Temperature in Winter: 15.69 deg C 





Major Rivers: Chambal River

Sub Divisions: Dholpur, Bari, Rajakhera, Baseri

Tehsils: Dholpur, Bari, Rajakhera, Basedi, Saipau

Assembly Constituencies: Baseri, Bari, Dholpur, Rajakhera

Wildlife: Ramsagar Sanctuary, Van Vihar Wildlife Sanctuary, National Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary


Dholpur District Nearby Attractions


1. Shergarh Fort

2. Shai Ghataghar

3. Khanpur Mahal

4. Laswari

5. National Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary

6. Tomb of Siddha Baba’s Maonee

7. Shiva Temple

8. Sone Ka Gurrza

9. Damoye Waterfall

10. Talab E Shahi Lake

11. Sher Shikar Gurudwara


Dholpur District Facts: The famous Dholpur Fort here was built by Dharampal, the King of Karauli in 1120 A.D.           


Major Agricultural Products: Arhar, kodra, peas, rapeseed, mustard


Major Industries: High-tech Precision Glass Factory, Dholpur Glass Works Ltd, Dholpur and Rajasthan Explosives Ltd, Thermal Power Plant


Small Scale Industries: Weaving, pottery, leather tanning, carpentry, rope making


Major Educational Institutions: Lal Bhadhur Shastri College, M. P. T. T. College, Maharana Pratap Law College, Rajkumar College, S. N. Law College, INT College


Mineral Resources: Sand stone, lime stone, glass sand


What is Dholpur District Famous For: Dholpur Military School


Dholpur District Pin Codes

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