Peren District

Population: 94,954 (2011)

State: Nagaland

Language: Nagamese

Headquarters: Peren


Area: 2300 square kilometers

Density of population: 55 people per square kilometer

Literacy Rate: 79.00 % - Male: 83.96 %, Female: 73.57 %

Male Female Ratio: 1000:917


Boundaries of Peren District


South: Tamenglong District, Manipur

East: Kohima District, Nagaland

North West and West: Dima Hasao District and Karbi Anglong District, Assam


Peren District Average Rainfall: 2000 mm

Peren District Average Temperature in Summer: 30 deg C

Peren District Average Temperature in Winter: 18 deg C





Major Rivers: Tepuiki, Mbeiki, Ntanki, Mungleu, Tesanki, Nguiki, Nkwareu, Techauki, Ngungreu, Tahaiki, Duilumreu

Towns: Tening, Jalukie, Peren


Peren District Nearby Attractions


1. Ntangki National Park

2. Mt. Kisa at Nzauna Village

3. Puilwa Village


Peren District Facts: Mt. Paona located here is the third highest mountain peak in Nagaland.    


Major Agricultural Products: Rice, wheat, maize


Flora: Wild mango, neem, nrembang, bonsum, gogra, alder, oak, chinghei ching, wild apples, wild lemon, wild walnut, amla, bamboo species, queen necklace, tiger orchid, ladies slippers


Fauna: Stag, bear, mithun, sloth, barking deer, mountain deer, wild hog, elephant, monkeys, wild cats, porcupine, flying fox, flying squirrel, Himalayan giant squirrel, civet cats, snakes, python, mountain peacock


What is Peren District Famous For: Mountain peaks and rich traditions


Languages: Zeme, Liangmai, Kuki, Rongmai, English, Tenyidie, Nagamese, Hindi


Peren District Pin Codes

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