Hingoli District

Population: 1178973 (2011)

State: Maharashtra

Language: Marathi

Headquarters: Hingoli


Date of formation: Hingoli District was carved out of Parbhani District on 1st May 1999.

Area: 4827 square kilometers

Density of population: 244 people per square kilometer

Literacy Rate: 76.04 % - Male: 86.73 %, Female: 64.73 %

Male Female Ratio: 1000:935


Boundaries of Hingoli District


North: Akola District, Yavatmal District, Maharashtra

South East: Nanded District, Maharashtra

West: Parbhani District, Maharashtra


Hingoli District Average Rainfall: 893 mm

Hingoli District Maximum Temperature in Summer: 43 deg C

Hingoli District Minimum Temperature in Winter: 11 deg C





Major Rivers: Kayadhu, Purna, Painganga

Sub Divisions: Hingoli, Basmath

Taluks: Hingoli, Kalamnuri, Sengaon, Aundha Nagnath, Basmath

Assembly Constituencies: Hingoli, Kalamnuri, Basmath

Dams: Upper Penganga Dam, Yeldari Dam, Siddheshwar Dam


Hingoli District Nearby Attractions


1. Aundha-Nagnath

2. Mallinath Digambar Jain Temple

3. Tulajadevi Sansthan

4. Sant Namdev Sansthan

5. Barashiv Hanuman

6. Narsi Namdeo


Hingoli District Facts: This is the third least populous district in Maharashtra as of 2011 census. The Jyotirlinga shrine Aundha Nagnath is situated here. It is one of the 12 most backward districts of Maharashtra and so is receiving funds from the Backward Regions Grant Fund Program.


Major Agricultural Products: Jowar, cotton, pulses, rice, groundnut, mango


What is Hingoli District Famous For: Military base


Famous People From Hingoli District: Namdev, F. M. Shinde


Hingoli Pin Codes

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