Dhule District

Population: 2048781 (2011)

State: Maharashtra

Language: Marathi, Ahirani

Headquarters: Dhule


Area: 7,195 square kilometers

Density of population: 285 people per square kilometer

Literacy Rate: 74.61 % - Male: 82.59 %, Female: 66.21 %

Male Female Ratio: 1000:941


Boundaries of Dhule District


North: Madhya Pradesh

North West: Nandurbar District, Maharashtra

South: Nashik District, Maharashtra

East: Jalgaon District, Maharashtra

West: Gujarat


Dhule District Average Rainfall: 592 mm

Dhule District Maximum Temperature in Summer: 45 deg C

Dhule District Minimum Temperature in Winter: 6 deg C





Major Rivers: Amaravati, Jamkhedi, Burai, Panzara, Tapi, Aner

Sub Divisions: Dhule, Shirpur

Taluks: Dhule, Sakri, Shirpur, Shindkhede

Assembly Constituencies: Dhule City, Dhule Rural, Sakri, Shirpur, Sindkheda


Dhule District Nearby Attractions


1. Ahilyapur

2. Amali

3. Balsane

4. Bhamer

5. Bodgaon

6. Chikse

7. Indave

8. Laling

9. Methi

10. Mudavad

11. Nagpur Kokale

12. Nizampur

13. Patan

14. Pimpalner

15. Shirud

16. Songir

17. Thalner

18. Sri Samartha Vagdevta Mandir


Dhule District Facts: NH 6, NH 3 and NH 211 pass through this district. So it is a popular stop for truckers.


Major Agricultural Products: Groundnut, cotton, jowar, chillies, sugarcane


What is Dhule District Famous For: Pure milk, educational institutions


Famous People From Dhule District: Ram V Sutar, Laxmanshashtri Balaji Joshi


Dhule Pin Codes

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Places in Dhule District