Panna District

Population: 1016028 (2011)

State: Madhya Pradesh

Language: Hindi, Bundeli

Headquarters: Panna


Date of formation: 1st November 1956

Area: 7135 square kilometers

Density of population: 142 people per square kilometer

Literacy Rate: 66.08 % - Male: 75.63 %, Female: 55.55 %

Male Female Ratio: 1000:907


Boundaries of Panna District


North West: Chhatarpur District, Madhya Pradesh

North East and East: Satna District, Madhya Pradesh

South West: Damoh District, Madhya Pradesh

South: Katni District, Madhya Pradesh


Panna District Average Rainfall: 876.55 mm

Panna District Average Temperature in Summer: 33.74 deg C

Panna District Average Temperature in Winter: 17.05 deg C





Major Rivers: Ken River

Sub Divisions: Ajaigarh, Gunour, Panna, Pawai, Shahnagar

Assembly Constituencies: Panna, Pawai, Gunnaor

Waterfalls: Pandav Falls, Gatha Falls


Panna District Nearby Attractions


1. Mahamati Prannathji Temple

2. Padmavati Devi or Badi Devi Temple

3. Baldeoji Temple

4. Jugal Kishoreji Temple

5. Ram Janki Temple

6. Swamiji Temple

7. Sarang Temple

8. Baiji Temple

9. Govindji Temple

10. Tiger Reserve


Panna District Facts: Panna is called the city of diamonds. The only active diamond mine of Asia is located here. NH 75 passes through this district. It is one of the 24 most backward districts of Madhya Pradesh that is getting grants from the Backward Regions Grant Fund Program.    


Major Agricultural Products: Rice, gram, wheat


Major Industrial Products: Textile industry, cement industry


What is Panna District Famous For: Diamonds, Tiger Reserve


Famous People From Panna District: Faizanuddin


Panna District Pin Codes

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