Ashoknagar District

Population: 844979 (2011)

State: Madhya Pradesh

Language: Hindi

Headquarters: Ashoknagar


Date of formation: Ashoknagar District was carved out of Guna District on 15th August 2003.

Area: 4674 square kilometers

Density of population: 181 people per square kilometer

Literacy Rate: 67.90 % - Male: 80.22 %, Female: 54.18 %

Male Female Ratio: 1000:900


Boundaries of Ashoknagar District


North: Shivpuri District, Madhya Pradesh

South: Vidisha District, Madhya Pradesh

East: Betwa River

West: Sindh River


Ashoknagar District Average Rainfall: 1400 mm

Ashoknagar District Average Temperature in Summer: 35 deg C

Ashoknagar District Average Temperature in Winter: 18 deg C





Major Rivers: Sindh River, Betwa River

Tehsils: Ashoknagar, Chanderi, Isagarh, Mungaoli, Shadora

Assembly Constituencies: Ashok Nagar, Chanderi, Mungaoli


Ashoknagar District Nearby Attractions


1. Chanderi Fort

2. Kaushak Mahal at Chanderi

3. Anandpur

4. Kadwaya Temple at Issagarh

5. Trikaal Choubeese

6. Thubonji Sidhdh Ksetra

7. Tumen


Ashoknagar District Facts: The district was named after King Ashoka who stayed here after his victory over Ujjain.            


Major Agricultural Products: Wheat, jowar, groom, maize, rice, sugarcane, olives, pulses


Major Industries: Textiles, logistics


What is Ashoknagar District Famous For: Muslin industry in Chanderi


Ashoknagar District Pin Codes

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