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Panchayat Elections Complaints :
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  goldefish On 12 May, 2013
Hi, I want to complaint about Ward Councillor Dharmadurai, Past 35 year their family members r the ward counciller's and ward members for an Athigudi panchayat and Ariyour panchayat.Dharmadurai and his brothers r ROWDIES in this area, I know very well the guy name Raj Mohan(as Raja) he run a election against Dharma Durai, that time Raj Mohan WON the election but Dharma Durai and his family members hit a Raj Mohan, his brothers and his friends in counting poll, then Dharmadurai made election offer to announce himself a winning candidate at that time.Again the villagers want to run a election to Raj Mohan's brother Sasikumar, same way happen again more to them.Dharmadurai parties through bottle in their home and hit by big sticks and broke all the windows, doors everything's,then they seek a police security to their home for a week. Sasikumar won election but Dharmadurai made same way to election officer announce himself won. Dharma Durai never ever take care of Valuthiyour Village because this brothers r from Valuthiyour. No water, no street lights, no 100 days jobs, no government benefits to that villagers, rajmohan and Sasikumar's reputed family, Lalgudi to sengaraiyour,very well known Sasi and Raja to everyone as good manner to villagers. Raja and Sasi affected by Dharma Durai more but i write little here I'm seeking help from known people to solve this problem, still Dharma Durai is ward Councillor now. I don't know where to complain about this Issue, even they don't know either. Raj mohan (Raja) passed way now. Sasi spend his own money to put street lights, and what ever he can, he is doing to people.