Dhanbad District

Population: 2,682,662 (2011)

State: Jharkhand

Language: Santhali, Hindi

Headquarters: Dhanbad


Date of Formation: Dhanbad District was carved out of Dhanbad subdivision and Sadar subdivision of Manbhum District on 24th October 1956.

Area: 2090 square kilometers

Density of Population: 1284 people per square kilometer

Literacy Rate: 75.71 % - Male: 85.68 %, Female: 64.70 %

Male Female Ratio: 1000:908


Boundaries of Dhanbad District


North: Giridih District, Jharkhand

South: West Bengal

East: Jamtara District, Jharkhand

West: Bokaro District, Jharkhand


Dhanbad District Average Rainfall: 1154.4 mm 

Dhanbad District Average Temperature in Summer: 32.16 deg C 

Dhanbad District Average Temperature in Winter: 17.93 deg C 





Major Rivers: Damodar, Konar, Barakar, Jamuria, Katri, Gobai, Irji, Khudia

Blocks: Baghmara, Gobindpur, Jharia, Nirsa, Topchanchi, Tundi, Baliapur, Dhanbad

Assembly Constituencies: Giridih, Tundi, Baghmara, Dhanbad, Sindri, Jharia, Nirsa


Dhanbad District Nearby Attractions


1. Charak Pathar

2. Chati Gobindpur

3. Gopalpur

4. Jhinjhipahari

5. Meva

6. Panrra

7. Chark - Khurd

8. Topchanchi

9. Maithon

10. Panchet

11. Jamadoba


Dhanbad District Facts: This is the second most populous district of Jharkhand after Ranchi. It is called the Coal Capital of India. This is one of the 21 most backward districts of Jharkhand that is receiving funds from the Backward Regions Grant Fund Program.      


Major Agricultural Products: Paddy, wheat, oilseeds


Major Industrial Products: Firebricks, glass products, cement, ceramics, iron and steel, engineering products


Large Scale Industries: Bharat Coking Coal Limited, Tata Iron and Steel Company, Indian Iron and Steel Company


Major Educational Institutions: R. S. P. College, P. K. Roy Memorial College, Guru Nanak College, Bhagmara College, P. N. M. College, Sindri College, Binod Bihari Mahro College, Dhanbad Law College, Rajganj College, Kumardhubi College, Mahuda College


What is Dhanbad District Famous For: Coal mines


Famous People From Dhanbad District: D.D. Thacker, Seth Khora Ramji Chawda, Ram Narayan Sharma, S. B. Sinha


Dhanbad District Pin Codes

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Places in Dhanbad District