Dima Hasao District

Population: 213529 (2011)

State: Assam

Language: Assamese, Hindi, Damasa

Headquarters: Haflong


Date of formation: Dima Hasao District was formerly called North Cachar District and this came into existence on 29th April 1952. It remained a part of Karbi Anglong District and was made into a separate district on 2nd February 1970.                                                                                       

Area: 4888 square kilometers

Density of population: 44 people per square kilometer

Literacy Rate: 78.99 % - Male: 85.34 %, Female: 72.15 %

Male Female Ratio: 1000:931                                                                 


Boundaries of Dima Hasao District


North: Karbi Anglong District and Nagaon District, Assam

South: Cachar District, Assam

East: Nagaland and Manipur State

West: Karbi Anglong District, Assam and Meghalaya State


Dima Hasao District Average Rainfall: 2042.1 mm

Dima Hasao District Average Temperature in Summer: 26.48 deg C

Dima Hasao District Average Temperature in Winter: 16.48 deg C





Major Rivers: Jatinga, Jinam, Mahur, Kopili, Diyung, Langting, Dilaima

Sub Divisions: Haflong, Maibong

Developmental Blocks: Harangajao, Jatinga Valley, Diyang Valley, Diyungbra, New Sangbar

Assembly Constituencies: Haflong


Dima Hasao District Nearby Attractions


1. Jatinga

2. Haflong

3. Maibang

4. Umrangso

5. Panimoor

6. Mahur


Dima Hasao District Facts: This region is called Switzerland of the East. It is one of the 11 most backward districts of Assam that is getting grants from the Backward Regions Grant Fund Program. The district was formerly called North Cachar Hills District and was renamed Dima Hasao District on 1st April 2010.         


Major Agricultural Products: Paddy, sugarcane, maize, pineapple, orange, potato, ginger, jack fruit, papaya, Assam lemon


Major Industries: Kopili Hydel Project, cement factories, saw mills


Hospitals: Civil Hospital at Haflong, Rural Hospital at Maibong, Holy Spirit Hospital, Holy Cross Hospital


What is Dima Hasao District Famous For: Oranges and pineapples


People: Himars, Zeme Nagas, Kukis, Biates, Karbis, Vaipheis, Hrangkhawls, Jaintias


Festivals: Bishu, Bishu Jidap, Surem Baino Bishu, Habgseu Manaoba Bishu, Hangso Manaubani Bagauthai


Dima Hasao District Pin Codes

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Places in Dima Hasao District