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Saraswathi Driving School Complaints :
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  knrunni On 28 Jun, 2012
Cheating by Saraswathi Driving School, Ochira, Kollam, I had approched Sidharth for two supports in the month of Feb 2012 viz- 1. for getting driving licence for my father 2. to get international licence for me to go US 1. Before coming to US, i wanted my father to get driving licence so that he can use the car at my home. we had an agreement that, he will get the driving licence in couple of months and the payment is Rs. 4000/-. Till this date he has not taken steps for getting driving licence for my father. we had given him Rs. 3500/- and told will give the remaining after he gives us the licence. Till date he has not done any thing. 2. I wanted to take International licence before coming to US, since it was an emergency, he asked for RS.3000/- bcoz lot of people has to be bribed if you need it in a singl day. I gave him Rs. 1500/- and he has not taken any steps to get me the international licence too. Then i had to do every thing my self and had taken IL. I wanted to get a suitable solution to go ahead to get my father the licence. We are not worried abouth the money we had invested on this guy, but wanted the purpose to be accomplished. The contact no of Sidharth is 09495207692. Dr. Rajesh N.