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No 1, 2nd Floor, C.L.C Works Road, New Colony, Chrompet
Chennai - 600 044
Chennai District, Tamil Nadu
7338989554 044-64124833


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MINERVA TRAINING Minerva Training provides various kinds of training every interested candidates in the computer related fields with the support of Minerva Soft. 1.BASIC COMPUTER COURSE Objective : To achieve basic knowledge in accessing computers and Microsoft office Word/Excel/PowerPoint accessing. 2.Web Design and Development Objective : To gain knowledge to develop web related applications , design a website and set candidate career in computer related fields. 3.Software Development(open Source) Objective : Develop the candidate knowledge and experience in open source software development process which help to become a software developer. 4.Basic Computer Programming Objective : To feed the basic knowledge about the computer programming ,concepts of programming to the candidates which helps to setup their goal in programming world. 5.Android Apps Development Objective : Technologies changing dynamically now a days so we also trains candidates to make those technology changes by own in the way of android apps development training. 6.Hardware & Software Installation Objective : In this new technological world everyone having the computer / laptop / other gadgets so we train them to make repairs and software installation by their own through hardware and software installation training. 7.Customized Courses by the Participant Objective : Minerva Training offers the special opportunity for the candidates to select the courses which all they like to train their self without any restrictions.



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