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Sriram Panda is a former Oriya movie actor, director and a screenplay writer from Orissa. Now he is a Yoga preacher and renamed himself as Swami Nitya Chaitanya. He left the industry in 1992 when he was at the peak of his career. As a film artist, he has given significant contributions to Oriya film industry. He played lead role in Samaya (1976) – the first colour movie in Oriya. He was also the hero of Hisab Nikas (1982), aside Prashanta Nanda - the first cinemascope movie of Oriya language. He also owns the credit to work in the First 70mm movie in Oriya, Swapna Nagar released in 1982. His last released movie was Mahua, released in 1994. After that he took permanent break from the industry.  


Sriram Panda entered film field in the year 1972. His debut movie was Dharitri directed by Dhir Biswal. The movie was a hit and made Panda a popular actor. It was followed by Oriya movies such as Jajabara, Rakta Golapa, Naga Phasa, Samaya, Mana Akash, Manasi, Sindura Bindu, Priyatama, Jhilmil, Janmadada and Subarna Sita. He continued his success journey throughout 1980’s with regular hits and during 1990’s he was at the peak of his career when he decided retirement. He has worked with noted film director and actor, Prashanta Nanda in numerous Oriya movies. In fact, he has worked in many of Nanda’s successful ventures.


Among actresses he worked most with Mahasweta Roy. A few of their movies include - Priyatama, Hisab Nikas, Jhilmil, Janmadada, Jaga balia, Samay Bada Balawan, Sankha Mahuri and Swapna Sagar. In 1978, three of their movies were released in a row - Priyatama, Jhilmil and Janmadada. In fact Prashanta Nanda, Mahasweta Roy and Sriram Panda too formed a perfect combination trio giving numerous memorable movies to Oriya.

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