Siva Prakasar

Siva Prakasar

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  • Name:
  • Siva Prakasar
  • Father:
  • Kumara Swamy Desikar

Siva Prakasar Biography

Siva Prakasar was a Tamil poet and philosopher who lived during the late 17th and early 18th centuries. He was the son of famous spiritual leader and author, Kumara Swamy Desikar and family is known for many scholars and artists who have made several literal contributions to Tamil. He belonged to Desikar family in Kanchipuram, which later converted to Christianity with Swaminatha Desikar who lived in Valavanoor in the late 19th century. Velaiyar, Karunai prakasar, and Gnambikai ammal were his siblings and Perur Santhalinga Swamigal was his brother-in-law. He has no direct descendants and the legacy of his family was carried forward by Sundaresanar, S.V.S. Rathinam and Swaminatha Desikar and the latest descendants being Thomas Rathnam and Vincent Therraisnathan.


Siva Prakasar has contributed 34 books to Tamil literature. He is also known by the names - 'Thurai mangalam Sivaprakasar', 'Karpanai Kalangiyam' , 'Sivanuputhi chelvar' etc.  He was also one of the earliest translators of Kannada literature apart from writing his own poems. He is best known for “Neerotta Yamaha Anthathi“, work done to challenge a scholar and its significance is that while reciting its words, lips won’t touch.


He was born in a spiritual and well respected scholar family of Kanchipuram. The family is an argent believer of Lord Siva. He was born as the first child to Kumara Swamy Desikar. He was unmarried. Among the four siblings, only Velaiyar had children, through which the lineage was passed over. He attained moksha in Nallathur near by Pondicherry at the young age of only 32. Kannada work Prabhulinga Leelai written in the 15th century was translated to Tamil verse by Sivaprakasa Swamigal as "Prabhulinga Leelai".

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