Prabir Ghosh

Prabir Ghosh

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  • Name:
  • Prabir Ghosh
  • Born:
  • March 1, 1945

Prabir Ghosh Biography

Prabir Ghosh is an Indian rationalist who heads the Science and Rationalists’ Association of India. He is also serving as the president of the Humanists’ Association in Kolkatta. He is a vociferous debunker who is warring against the godmen in the eastern India. He is surviving after at least 20 attempts on his life since 1980s.


He was born on 1st March 1945 and is working to raise the public awareness of the rationalist cause. Many of his confrontations are featured in the documentary film Guru Busters. He has also written many books in Bengali language disputing the existence of supernatural powers.


He also claims on behalf of the Science and Rationalists Association of India to offer 2 million INR to those who prove to possess supernatural power in the location specified by him. The association says that they do not have the money with them but that will be provided by its supporters; they are confident that they will never need the money as the rationalist will win all the challenges.


He spent his early days in the railway towns of Kharagpur and Adra and his parents were god fearing. He had keen interest in godmen in his younger days. His interest in sociology was instilled by his teacher Subhendu Roy and he started to write in magazines and dailies since his college days.


His notable works in Bengali are Pinky O Aloukik Baba, Aloukik Rahasya Jaale Pinky, Aloukik Rahasya Sandhane Pinky and his English work is Paranormal Exposed! He has written more than 30 Bengali language best sellers. Some of the classics are Nothing Supernatural and Why I don’t Belive In God’.


He waged the lifelong campaign to expose the faces of the Indian gurus and for this battle he had to face assassination attempts. He was hit and run by a man and in that accident his four ribs were broken and had to be hospitalized. But still he continues his war against the godmen and superstitious beliefs. 

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