Ponjikkara Rafi

Ponjikkara Rafi

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Ponjikkara Rafi Profile

  • Name:
  • Ponjikkara Rafi
  • Born:
  • April 12, 1924
  • Spouse:
  • Sabeena Rafi

Ponjikkara Rafi Biography

Ponjikkara Rafi was a social figure and writer from Kerala, who was most active in the second half of 1900s. His work, Snehadoothan is a timeless classic, widely regarded as Malayalam’s first Bodhadhaara Novel. Ponjikkara Rafi Award in annually awarded to writers in his honour and memory. 2017 is the 25th death anniversary year of Rafi, who passed away during the Onam season of 1992. Decades ago he dreamt about a bridge across Kochi islands, and has prophesied about the bridges in his novel, `Swarga Doothan.'

He was born in Ponjikkara village of Ernakulam district on April 12, 1924. His grandfather Naduvithezhath Achakko Sauriyaar was a prominent figure of Kerala’s art form, Chavittu Nadakam. Soon after Rafi completed his primary school education, he joined freedom struggle movement. He entered politics through trade union, and it also led to his entry to literal world. He was associated with leftist ideologies. Yet he never joined the party at any stage of his life. He believed that Marxism is related to spirituality and should be seen through that angle only.


He served as the secretary of Shastra Sahithya Parishath during the period, 1966-1974. He also served as the manager of N.B. S. He also served as the director of the daily, Socialist labour till his retirement. He retired in 1978. He contributed 11 short story collections, 8 novels, 2 stage plays and two collections of general essays to the literal world. He has been associated with several publications like Suprabha weekly, Democrat weekly, Deepam, Daily etc.


He along with his wife Sabeena Rafi conducted a research on human behaviour since the primitive age and they published the book titled, Kaliyugam. The book earned Kerala Sahitya Academy award in 1971. Sabeena too is a gifted writer, who had a deep knowledge in the art form Chavittunadakam. The couple didn’t have any children. Rafi gave due respect to the spiritual leader Nadaraja Guru during his life time.

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