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Parijat Profile

  • Name:
  • Parijat
  • Other Name:
  • Bishnu Kumari Waiba
  • Father:
  • Dr. K.n. Waiba
  • Mother:
  • Amrit Moktan

Parijat Biography

Parijat was a Nepali writer born in Darjeeling in the year 1937. She has contributed in the form of novels, essays, short stories, poems and memoirs. Her real name was Bishnu Kumari Waiba, who wrote with the pen name – Parijat. Parijat is a night-flowering fragrant white flower. ‘Siris Ko Phul’ is the most acclaimed work of Parijat that has become part of many academic books. Anido Pahadsangai, Mahattahin, Paribhasit Aankhaharu, Baishko Manche, Toribari Bata Ra Sapanaharu, Usle Rojeko Bato, Antarmukhi, Boni and Parkhal Bhitra Ra Bahira are her published novels. ‘Maile Najanmayeko Choro’ is her popular short story. Her short story collections include - Aadim Desh, Sadak Ra Pratibha, Badhsala Jadaa Aunda and Salgiko Balatkrit Aashu.


She was born in the hill station of Darjeeling, India -a major centre of Nepali language, culture and literature during her childhood and teens. Her father Dr. K.N. Waiba was a psychologist. She lost her mother at a younger age and she was brought up by her father and grandparents. Since Darjeeling was connected with Nepali language and its culture, she was drawn towards Nepali language. She had a keen interest in literature from her childhood and later became a distinct name who played a significant role in the development of Nepali language.


Parijat completed part of her schooling in Darjeeling and came to Kathmandu in 1954. There she completed her school education at Padma Kanya School. She became a graduate from Kathmandu. At the age of 26, she became physically paralyzed and was later taken care of by her sister. Her first poem, Dhart was published in the year 1958, followed by Akansha, Parijat Ka Kavita and Baisalu Bartaman. Her first short story was Maile Najanmayeko Choro. But she is better known as a novelist. She has been a part of Ralfa literature movement who worked for the establishment of Pragati Sil Lekhan Sangh. She passed away in the year 1993.

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