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Osho Profile

  • Name:
  • Osho
  • Other Name:
  • Rajneesh
  • Born:
  • December 11, 1931
  • Died:
  • January 19, 1990
  • Father:
  • Babulal Jain
  • Mother:
  • Saraswathi Jain

Osho Biography

Osho / Rajneesh was a mystic and a spiritual guru of modern India. One of the great spiritual leaders across the world in the modern period, his teachings are appreciated by many, not only Indians but also non-Indians. Though labeled as "sex guru" in the Indian and later international press for his open attitude towards sexuality, his thoughts became acceptable with time. Many of Osho's teachings met with strong rejection in India during his lifetime. Osho’s teachings got appreciation after his death in 1990 aged only 58. His quotes are very famous.


A critic of socialism and Gandhism, he also formulated "Ten Commandments". His name was listed along with Mahatma Gandhi and Gautam Buddha in the list of 10 influential people who changed India’s destiny – by a leading Indian newspaper. Many prominent figures like Manmohan Singh and Khushwant Singh have expressed their admiration for Osho. His works have been published worldwide in more than 60 languages and Osho's movement has established itself in the market of new religions, though faced controversies for two decades.


His real name is Chandra Mohan Jain. He was born in Kuchwada village of Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh on 11 December 1931. He was the eldest of eleven children of a Jain cloth merchant. He was known as an independent and rebellious child in his childhood. At his youth he experimented with meditation techniques. On March 21, 1953 he became enlightened at the age of 21. He was doing his PG course at Jabalpur then. After completing M.A. in Philosophy from the University of Sagar in 1956, he started his career as a lecturer. He was associated with teaching till 1966.


Since then he has been addressing masses and started delivering his speeches. He regularly conducted meditation camps also. With early 1970s he introduced his revolutionary meditation technique, Dynamic Meditation. He came to be known as Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh since then and his technique was later followed by professionals, doctors, teachers etc across the world. He initiated disciples, known as neo-sannyasins. Since 1974 he started giving discourses offer insights into all the major spiritual paths, including Yoga, Zen, Taoism, Tantra and Sufism, and talked about mystics like Buddha and Jesus at his ashram in Pune. These discourses have been collected into over 600 volumes and translated into 50 languages. His ‘darshans’ – through which he interacted with people are compiled in 64 darshan diaries of which 40 are published.


The city of Rajneeshpuram was built in the early 1980s which provided space to 5,000 residents. It also conducts annual festivals which invites people across the globe. After delivering discourses for long 15 years, he remained in silence for three years since 1981. Since 1985 he started giving discourses. He later conducted a world tour during 1985-1986 and returned to Mumbai. His ashram in Pune later came to be known as Rajneeshdham. He introduced a revolutionary new meditation technique called The Mystic Rose. His health deteriorated by late 1980s and he passed away on 19 January 1990. By early 1989 he dropped the name "Bhagwan”, and simply called himself ‘Rajneesh’. Later his disciples suggested the name Osho, which he accepted. Osho dropped the name "Rajneesh” in September 1989, to indicate his complete discontinuity from the past.

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