Nidudavolu Venkatarao

Nidudavolu Venkatarao

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Nidudavolu Venkatarao Profile

  • Name:
  • Nidudavolu Venkatarao
  • Born:
  • January 3, 1903
  • Died:
  • October 15, 1982
  • Father:
  • Nidudavolu Sundaram Pantulu
  • Mother:
  • Jogamma

Nidudavolu Venkatarao Biography

Nidudavolu Venkatara is a famous Telugu writer and research scholar born on January 3, 1903 in Vizianagaram, Andhra Pradesh. His major works include - Telugu kavula charitra, Udaaharana vanjmaya charitra, Cinnayasuri jeevitamu, Dakshinadeseeyandhra vanjmayamu, Bhamaakalaapamu, Vijayanagara samsthaanamu: Andhra vanjmaya poshana, Andhra vachana vanjmayamu, Kopparapu sodarakavula charitra, Andhra vachana vanjmayamu: pracheena kalamu nundi, Nannechodunu kavitaavaibhavamu and Potana. His eldest son, Sundareswara Rao was also a well-known research scholar. His granddaughter Jayasudha is a well known film celebrity.


He was born to Nidudavolu Sundaram Pantulu and Jogamma on January 3, 1903 in Andhra Pradesh. He was married to Palakodeti Lakshmi Kanthamma and had 7 kids. He was a good reader and memorized everything he read and hence fondly known by the name, Jangama vijnanasvarasvam (Moving encyclopedia). He read Telugu and Sanskrit classics extensively under his father’s tutelage. He completed graduation in 1925 and post-graduation 15 years later. Venkatarao started as a clerk in the Imperial Bank of India in Vizianagaram in 1926 followed by Kakinada, where he worked until 1939.


In 1940, he went to Madras to earn his M. A. Degree and once returned he started his career as a lecturer. He worked in Kakinada followed by Madras University, where he worked till 1964. During this time, he undertook a little-known work Tripurantakodaaharanam, and published it with elaborate annotations in 1935. Later he worked on Udaaharana vanjmayam, and published Udaaharana vanjmaya charitra. Panditaraadhya charitra, Basava Puranam and translation of some Tamil literature are regarded as his priceless contributions to Telugu literature.


After retirement, he moved to Hyderabad where he worked as Professor of University Grants Commission, a special position created for retired professors. Government of Andhra Pradesh and Sahitya Akademi gave him small monetary helps every month till his death happened in 1982. When he died on  October 15, 1982, he was aged 79.

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