Morari Bapu

Morari Bapu

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Morari Bapu Profile

  • Name:
  • Morari Bapu
  • Born:
  • September 25, 1946
  • Father:
  • Prabhudas Bapu Hariyani
  • Mother:
  • Savitri Ben Hariyani

Morari Bapu Biography

Morari Bapu is a popular Hindu preacher from Gujarat. His real name is Moraridas Prabhudas Hariyani born on 25 September 1946. He is fondly called Bapu by his followers. He has conducted over 700 kathaas based on the Ramcharitmanas of Tulsidas and other such works about Rama. He also sings Gopiseet praising Krishna. He is a renowned exponent of the Ram Charit Manas and has been practising it for the 50 years or so. His katha preaches universal peace and spreads the message of truth and love. He recites Ram Charit Manas all over the world and has fans worldwide. Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Japan, United Kingdom, United States, Brazil, Australia, Israel, South Africa and Kenya are among those countries.


Morari Bapu was born on born on 25 September 1946. He belongs to the Vaishnav Bava Sadhu Nimbarka lineage. His parents were Prabhudas Bapu Hariyani and Savitri Ben Hariyani and he was born as among 9 kids. His grandfather Tribhovandas Dada was his guru as well who shared Ramcharitmanas of Tulsidas with him. His grandmother Amrit Ma used to tell him fairy tales for hours. By the age of twelve, Bapu had memorised the entire Ram Charit Manas. He used to memorize five verses of the Ramcharitamanas each day, during his journey to school and return journey. He started reciting Ramkatha at the age of 14. He learnt Bhagvat Gita and the Vedas at a younger age as well.    


Morari started his career as a primary school teacher and did Katha recitals side by side. Morari has also tried to bring all communities under one umbrella through his Ramkatha recites. For two decades now, Bapu is the chief guest at the annual Yaad-e-Hussain programme held by the Muslim community in Mahuva. He also arranges Hindu Muslim marriages of poor sectors of the society.

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