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Mir Babar Ali Anis was a celebrated Urdu poet from Faizabad, Uttar Pradesh who lived during the period 1802-1874. He was also an exponent of Marsiya writing and regarded as the greatest name of this art, aside Mir Mirza Salaamat Ali Dabeer. Anis - Dabeer rivalry is one of the most talked and discussed matter of Urdu literature, even now. His contemporary and arch rival Mir Babar Ali Anis also lived during the same period of time. They had a striking chronological closeness in terms of their birth and death. Mirza Dabeer (1803-1875) was born exactly one year after Anis’ birth and he died exactly one year after Anis’ death as well. Both lived for 72 years! The healthy rivalry between these two led to the development of two distinct styles of writings of Marsiya - "Aneesiya" and "Dabeeriya". Yet both the writers paid due respect to the other person.


He was born into a family of poets. 22 poets were born in his family and he was a descendent from the 7th Imam, Musa al-Kadhim. Mir Anis was a fifth generation poet. Though he was inspired by his father to write poetry, his bonding with his mother is deeply reflected in his works. He was proficient in Arabic, Persian and Islamic scriptures, apart from philosophy and literature. Little is known about his early life. He learnt from two religious scholars.


He never moved out of Lucknow stating that his talent won’t be appreciated anywhere else. He declined to be presented at the court of Mir Mahboob Ali Khan, the then Nizam of Hyderabad State in 1970. Later Nizam himself went to meet him. Anis’ contributions include - salams, elegies, Nohas and quatrains. He composed at least ten thousand elegies, and salams.

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