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Manick Sorcar is an Indian American Artist, engineer, laser documentary maker and animator. He produced several laser and animation shows. Associated with animation industry for more than two decades, many of his films have won several international film awards. His animated films are based on Indian stories. Deepa & Rupa: A Fairy Tale from India, India's first animation mixed with live action was his first work which earned him fame and recognition.


Manick is the son of Pratul Chandra Sorcar, the doyen of the art of magic. His brother P. C. Sorcar and niece Maneka Sorcar are now carrying forward the tradition of magic and they together perform across the globe. Noted Bengali film actresses Mumtaz Sorcar and Moubani Sorcar are also his nieces. His daughter Piya Sorcar is an Indian American social entrepreneur and researcher.


Manick Sorcar was born in Tangail, Mymensingh of British India. This place currently belongs to Bangladesh. Manick is now settled in US with his family. This award winning artist has given some outstanding contributions to the field of animation and cartoons, mostly concentrating on to children’s entertainment sector. Deepa & Rupa: A Fairy Tale from India (1990) won him numerous awards including Gold Plaque at the Chicago International Film Festival in 1990. The Sage and the Mouse won the Gold Medal at the International Film Festival of New York in 1993.


The first laser-documentary screened inside a movie theatre - Calcutta Forever: A Laser Fantasy was made by none other than this genius. In 2012 he produced Swamiji, a laser documentary on Swami Vivekananda. He received ILDA Artistic Award twice from the International Laser Display Association. He is the first Indian to receive this award twice. In 2012 he retired from Sorcar Engineering and later dedicated his full time to the field of art.

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