Kosaraju Raghavaiah

Kosaraju Raghavaiah

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Kosaraju Raghavaiah Profile

  • Name:
  • Kosaraju Raghavaiah
  • Born:
  • June 23, 1905
  • Died:
  • October 27, 1987

Kosaraju Raghavaiah Biography

Kosaraju Raghavaiah, also known as Kosaraju and Kosaraju Raghavaiah Chowdary was a noted writer and poet of Telugu literature. He was fondly known by the titles - Janapada Kavi Sarvabhouma and Kaviratna. His poems are mostly based on Telugu folklores and rural culture. His first poetry anthology was Kadagandlu. He was also a noted lyricist of Telugu cinema and for his overall contributions to Telugu film industry he was honoured by the prestigious Raghupathi Venkaiah Award by the State Government of Andhra Pradesh in 1984. As a lyricist he was active during 1950s to 1970s, spending more than 3 decades in the entertainment industry.


He was born in village Appikatla, Guntur district in the year 1905. Since childhood he learnt Telugu literature, epics and puranas and was closely associated with rural culture of common man, which deeply influenced his lyrical works later. During his teens, he was associated with plays and he was influenced by Telugu scholar Kondamudi Narasimham Pantulu. He started his career as a journalist for ‘Raitu Patrika’ and later moved to film industry. He entered film industry as the hero of the movie, Raitu Bidda in 1939. However he shifted to writing lyrics with early 1950s.  


Jebulo bomma je jela bomma of 1954 movie Raju peda was one of his earliest hits. After that he regularly wrote songs for movie for 3 decades. He wrote about 3,000 songs for 350 Telugu films of which a few were instant hits. Eruvaaka Sagaroranno Chinnanna of 1955 movie - Rojulu Marayi, Chethilo Dabbulu Poyene, Illarikamlo Unna Maza, Anukunndokkati Ainadi Okkati Bolta Kottindile of Manchi Manasuku Manchi Rojulu and Ye Nimishaniki Yemi Jaruguno Evaroohinchedaru of Lava Kusha are among his noted works. He is best known for suing fairy tales and Telugu folklores for penning lyrics.

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Updated: June 19, 2014


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