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Kavi Kant is an Indian poet who is associated with Gujarati language. He invented a form of poetry called "Khand-Kavya". His poem "Sagar ane Sashi" is considered one of the ten best lyric of all time in Gujarati. He died exactly on the same day, when his poetry book – Purvalap was published. His popular poems are Sagar Ane Shashi, Viprayoga, Atijnana, Gajhal, Sharad Punam, O Hind! Devabhumi! and Hindmatane Sambodhan.


Kavi Kant was born Manishankar Ratnashankar Bhatt in 1868 in Chavand Saurashtra region of Gujarat in a Nagar Brahmin family. His family gave importance to education a lot. It helped Manishankar to develop interest in education as well as philosophical subject from a younger age. He also learnt Hindu philosophy, Bible and Bible philosophy. In 1891 his first wife Narmada died. It deeply affected him and he couldn’t find peace of mind even in religion and philosophy. His writings improved his mental condition a lot and he converted to Christianity in 1898. Philosophy of Emanuel Swedenborg influenced him a lot. This decision was opposed both by him family and friends and it even resulted in his resignation as minister of education in the Princely State of Bhavnagar. He became an outcast from his family and community since he converted his religion.


He started a new life marrying again. Yet his community isolated him and his family and in order to protect his family and save them from the isolation, he separated from them. It again resulted in tense situation and even King of Bhavnagar along with some of his other friends intervened in it to resolve th problem. Finally he converted back to the Hindu religion. Kavi Kant was one of the major writers of Gujarati and most remembered for his popular poem - "Sagar ane Sashi".

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