Haipou Jadonang

Haipou Jadonang

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  • Name:
  • Haipou Jadonang
  • Born:
  • June 10, 1905
  • Died:
  • August 29, 1931

Haipou Jadonang Biography

Haipou Jadonang was a tribal leader from Manipur best known for his revolts against British in the first half of 20th century. He was a Spiritual leader and political activist who established the Heraka religious movement. His cousin Rani Gaidinliu joined the spiritual movement at the age of 13 and when Haipou Jadonang was caught and hanged by British, she became his spiritual successor and spearheaded the move against British started by her cousin. An unsung hero from Manipur, he was only 26 when he became a martyr of Indian freedom struggle movement. Heraka movement initially started as a religious movement turned to be a huge political move against British and its aim was to drive British out of Manipur and the surrounding Naga areas with the help of arms and weapons.


Haipou Jadonang was born on June 10, 1905 in Kambiron village, British India. His birthplace now belongs to Tamenglong district of Manipur. He belonged to Malangmei clan of the Rongmei Naga tribe. He had two elder brothers. He lost his father at the age of 1. Later his mother Taboliu did farming in the ancestral land to bring up three sons.


The Naga Hills villages were controlled by the District Commissioner appointed by British and Naga territories were thus completely under the colonial control. Jadonang was a deeply religious person since young and when he witnessed the growing influence of Christianity in Naga territory, he realized that it’s a threat to their Naga tradition which can be erased forever. That’s why he organized Heraka movement as a religious and spiritual move to conserve and protect their customs and beliefs. Later it became an open revolt against British and British wanted to supress it by all means.


On 19 February 1931, Jadonang got arrested while returning from the Bhuvan cave with Gaidinliu and 600 other followers. He was imprisoned in the Silchar Jail and deep violence was witnessed in the Naga territory and nearby areas. Later he was falsely implicated in the murders of four Manipur traders and declared guilty. He was hanged to death on 29 August 1931 at 6 am and later Rani Gaidinliu took over the leadership of their revolt against British.

Published: February 03, 2019

Updated: February 03, 2019


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