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Dhinchak Pooja

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  • Dhinchak Pooja
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  • Delhi

Dhinchak Pooja Biography

Dhinchak Pooja is an Indian Youtuber, rapper and pop singer, who hogged limelight for her singing style. Her mannerisms and professional career are quite similar to Santhosh Pandit of Kerala, whose career has always been in controversies, not for talent but for unusual singing style and appearance. Her songs have received wide criticism from all corners, and YouTube deleted her videos, because she was accused of stealing lyrics from others. Yet she is still in limelight, and also performs live at public places.


Despite all short comes most of her songs and music videos in ‘Dhinchak’ style have grabbed public attention and crossed millions of views earning her millions of revenue every month. Interestingly people mostly view her songs not because of their beauty, but to abuse her. It’s quite similar to Santhosh Pandit’s debut movie as a film producer, director, music composer, playback singer, lyricist, cinematographer, editor and many other roles, which became a box office hit because of wrong reasons only. Because of abusive comments posted under her videos, Pooja has disabled comments section.


Pooja Jain, better known as Dhinchak Pooja is a native of Delhi. As a teenager she uploaded a song 'Swag Wali Topi' on her YouTube channel. She composed the song and wrote its lyrics as well. She became an overnight YouTube sensation with the name Dhinchak Pooja, and she went on uploading several music videos. Pooja also posts some inspiring quotes on Facebook. Currently she earns around 50 lakh per month through her music videos and also performs for parties and public functions. Her fans viewed her videos multiple times. The internet sensation has been in business since 2016.


Published: May 03, 2019

Updated: May 03, 2019


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